Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Connecting with God!

I do not visit a temple everyday. I do not even light incense sticks in front of the idols of god in my house. I am still not an atheist. I am in a very good space with God.

We all have different connections with God. We show our belief and love in him in so many different ways. We find God in things we do.If  I am restless, I talk to God. I blame him for giving me sorrows and when I am happy, I thank him for giving me such a wonderful moment. We are all so entangled in the complexities of our daily lives that we tend to STOP enjoying the small happy moments and we crave for the larger and bigger gains.

Last evening, while I was walking in a park, I said hello to an old man passing by and he felt so happy by just a mere greeting. I felt as if I had done a great thing. The point is, we waste the major chunk of our lives craving for happiness, and by the time we realize that happiness lies in small small things that we can do each day, its too late. Only if we realize that merely folding our hands in front of God cannot give us happiness. Connect with him. Make people happy. Laugh out loud. We have to look for moments to laugh. We do not laugh heartily these days.God has given us this life and he shows us how we should be leading this life by the way of kids and babies. Kids are carefree, but they are not insensitive. They laugh from their heart and cry too. We don't need to be perfect but we need to emulate kids. We need to follow the indications. We all long for the days that have gone by. Still we keep making the same mistakes in the present. Millions of people are born everyday. Only a bunch of them are famous, and even a smaller number is happy with their lives. Being famous is still easy but finding happiness and finding God is tough, and that should be our ultimate aim.

There is too much negativity in our lives. Oh! he said this.. that means he meant this..how mean. She is so rude... Shit! I am so bugged with this life. .....We all face such situations and do not intend to get out of it. Only some of us are able to come out of it.

I try to connect with my God. I want him to lead me to a life of happiness and satisfaction. A life without expectations. I know it is tough, but he has messengers who guide me when I feel cheated and derailed. They bring me back to track, and I feel less sorrowful and upset. We all need to find our own peace, be it in a temple, in worshiping him or in talking to him and trying to connect with him. Our ways can be varied, but our ultimate goal should be to achieve what many cannot or do not. I need to continuously remind myself that being famous is easy, being happy is difficult.  I am trying to work on it. I try to do things that make me happy. I try to learn new things and the process of learning makes me feel happy and gives me satisfaction, I believe these are the ways to reach closer to my goal, of being happy and finding my God. 


  1. So true...I am sure everybody will connect with it.Keep writing.

  2. Thanks friends. Your words of appreciation keeps me going.

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  5. Wonderful thought Swati. So proud of you.